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We would love to say that we are not like those other guys...

Truth is that there are some successful boutique valve
amp manufacturers whose ethos we admire, and whose
construction practices echo our own.

However, we are one of the few in the world who believe that
valves or tubes are not necessary for extraordinary guitar amp tone.
We champion the concept of 'boutique transistor amplification'.

Why would we do this?

A gigging musician needs an amp they can rely on.
Some valve amps are tough, certainly, but the military
and the space programmes no longer rely on valves.

Having worked and played in electronics for a very long time,
we have a good understanding of the mechanisms by which
pieces of electronic equipment can expire.
Many manufacturers actually want this to happen,
if the truth were told!

Generally speaking, the main culprits are poor solder joints, flimsy
internal connectors, mechanical parts working loose and hotspots.
Component failure is normally assumed to be significant, but in
practice these are usually weeded out during early testing.

To address these areas, we prefer to do the following:-

We do not use printed circuit boards, preferring real
point-to-point wiring where the component leads are
actually soldered alongside each other! For excellent
guitar tone, point-to-point circuits are generally considered
to be the way forward.

All our internal connections are hand-finished and hard-wired.
We refuse to employ internal connectors of any sort.

All mechanical fastenings are secured with threadlocking
compound and anti-vibration washers - belt & braces.
Amplifiers are subject to enormous vibration levels and this
is often overlooked.

Valve amps get hot because they need heat to work.
There is no reason for a transistor amp to get hot.
They only do this because other manufacturers reduce
heat sinking and component ratings to a bare minimum.
We prefer over-engineering and our choice of components
and natural heat-sinking reflect this. For us, cool running
should not rely on using an electric fan.

Bryce Amps are proud to say that each one of our amps
and effects pedals are individually hand built providing
a unique, high-performance product for each of our customers. 

To see if a boutique transistor amp is for you
come and let your ears decide.



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