Mike from Australia writes about the Proem....

'Had a rehearsal with the band this evening. Used the Telecaster,
Transfix and 1 x 10 combo.Absolutely amazed by the sound.
Loads of volume, both clean and overdriven. Easily able to play
with a full band (including huge drumkit and other guitarist
with 100W Vox Valvetronix head into 4 x12 ).
My sound was punchy & powerful, clean & sharp, growling & gritty,
fuzzy with harmonics - everything. I found it easy to tweak 2 or 3
controls between songs for a wide variety of classic rock sounds.
The simplicity is great. This setup seems to play itself - strike
any chord and the tone is so good that you immediately sound
like a rock god. Hadn't had a chance to really crank it up
until now and wasn't prepared for the large scale of the sound.
Strongly recommend using it with a good overdrive like this.
Band mates hugely impressed also. Ears are ringing a bit -
it was a loud session!
Get that thing in front of guitarists ASAP and it'll sell
like hot cakes'

'Did some comparisons and it looks like I might sell my
Trace Elliot Bonneville combo - it's been outclassed by
the Bryce amp, which is simply more fun to play.
I'll take them both along to rehearsal next week for a higher
volume shootout. Does the 1x10 combo have a name by the way?
Being small in size, it sounds best mounted up off the floor e.g.
on a chair or table. A hard surface behind the amp also works well
- maybe giving extra natural reverb from the open backed cabinet.
Tried the Bryce amp through the 4 x 10 Bonneville speakers -
the same great sound but bigger. I may keep the Bonneville
just as a speaker cabinet. I've tried a few effects through it
but soon put them away - still enjoying the straight sound
of the amp with a little overdrive from the Transfix.
Having fun here! Cheers, Mike.'

Marcus Spada from Brazil writes about the FurBall....

This pedal sounds really great!
I loved that vintage sounds and used it a lot to push my Laney valve amp. The bright is wonderful and the resources are really great!!

(His latest track 'Using you the way you tried to use me' is pure class!)

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